Jan 2021

The 6 fundamental marketing strategies

Brands are faced with an ever-growing array of marketing choices

Marketing can be split into different strategies, that work well in different situations

Doing one strategy well is more likely to drive growth than spreading your efforts

Marketing can start with a business model


Create a place where other people can buy and sell

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Attract franchisees by giving them everything they need to make money

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Growth loop

A software growth strategy. Is your Grandma on LinkedIn? How did that happen?

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Multi-level marketing

Representatives recruit more representatives

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Marketing fundamentals generally apply to all brands

Brand positioning

Positioning is timeless, and distinctiveness is more important than ever

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Ollie makes “human grade” dog food in “open kitchens”


For product to drive growth it needs to be dramatically better than alternatives

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Olaplex built a $1bn brand with a differentiated product


All brands need to make pricing decisions. This can form part of the positioning

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"Stop paying for shave-tech you don't need"


Winning brands iterate and learn faster

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ColourPop release new products every week

Retailer incentives

Brands that have retailers must think about retailer profitability

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TIGI Copyright helps hairdressers sell more

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